Can I integrate ProCONF with our existing applications and systems?
Yes, ProCONF supports seamless integration with a wide range of existing applications using APIs and platform SDKs designed for ease of integration. Applications that simply need to add video calling capability into their application, can integrate ProCONF with just a few lines of change to their existing applications. Applications that need to support complex workflows can make use of lower-level APIs and interfaces that provide flexible control on a conferencing session.
Are there any limitations on the customization options available with ProCONF?
ProCONF provides comprehensive customization capabilities, allowing you to tailor features, functionality, and user experience according to your specific requirements without significant limitations. SpringCT also provides custom software development services that you can consider for building or integrating any additional features.
Can I customize ProCONF to match my company's branding?
Yes, ProCONF allows you to align the visual appearance of the platform with your brand's identity through custom logos, color schemes, and interface elements.
Is ProCONF compatible with all major operating systems and devices?
Yes, ProCONF client SDKs work with a wide range of client applications and devices, including web browsers and iOS and Android apps, ensuring seamless access and functionality across various devices and platforms.
We are currently using Twilio for video communication. Is it possible to use ProCONF instead of Twilio?
Yes, ProCONF can easily replace Twilio-Video Platform in your application with some small changes in your existing code. ProCONF does not replace other Twilio services such as SMS and email.
What AI-enabled features does ProCONF offer, and how do they enhance the conferencing experience?
ProCONF offers AI-enabled features such as real-time transcription, intelligent meeting summaries, and advanced analytics, enhancing productivity, accessibility, and insights during conferencing sessions.
Can ProCONF support large-scale conferences with hundreds or thousands of participants?
Absolutely! ProCONF Enterprise Edition is designed to support large-scale conferences with automatically scaling infrastructure and optimized performance, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration even with hundreds or thousands of participants. Entire infrastructure is scaled up or down based on the dynamic load calculated in real time. Therefore, ProCONF is optimized for infrastructure costs!
What kind of bandwidth requirements does ProCONF have for smooth video conferencing?
ProCONF is optimized to accommodate varying bandwidth conditions, offering adaptive video streaming and bandwidth management features to ensure smooth and uninterrupted video conferencing experiences, even in low-bandwidth environments.
Can ProCONF integrate with popular calendar and scheduling tools?
ProCONF provides API for the application to create meeting invite links that can be shared with popular calendar and scheduling tools such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, enabling easy scheduling, reminders, and access to conferencing sessions.
Is there an option to record and archive meetings within ProCONF?
Yes, ProCONF provides built-in recording and archiving capabilities, allowing users to record meetings for future reference, compliance, or training purposes. ProCONF provides mechanisms for secure storage and easy retrieval of recordings.
What kind of security measures does ProCONF offer to protect sensitive data?
ProCONF prioritizes security and offers robust mechanisms including end-to-end encryption and role-based access control. Currently supported roles are Moderators and Participants. End-to-end encryption secures communication channels and protects sensitive data from unauthorized access or interception, ensuring privacy and confidentiality during conferencing sessions. Further, since you can deploy ProCONF on your own server infrastructure, the data does not reach any third party conferencing service providers.
How does ProCONF ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, such as GDPR or HIPAA?
ProCONF complies with various regulatory standards, including GDPR and HIPAA, by implementing stringent data protection measures, ensuring data sovereignty, and providing features for compliance reporting and auditing. However, since ProCONF is integrated with your application as a component, your application is responsible for using these features effectively to meet regulatory requirements.
How easy is it to deploy ProCONF onto our existing server infrastructure?
ProCONF facilitates one click deployment onto your existing server infrastructure with automatic deployment scripts. ProCONF also provides comprehensive documentation, deployment guides, and technical support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free setup process.
Are there any restrictions on the geographic locations where ProCONF can be deployed?
It is possible to deploy ProCONF globally without any technical constraints. You need to check local governance policies for use of webRTC in the geography where you intend to deploy your video communication service.
What kind of ongoing maintenance and support does ProCONF provide?
ProCONF offers tools for continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance of server behaviour and usage. ProCONF also provides regular code updates through support programs to ensure stability, reliability, and performance of the platform. Our support team is available to address any issues and provide assistance whenever needed.
What kind of insights does the admin dashboard provide, and how can they help optimize costs?
The admin dashboard in ProCONF provides valuable insights into system usage, participant engagement, and meeting metrics, enabling informed decision-making about server infrastructure, resource optimization, and other cost management strategies.
Is there training available for our technical team to manage and customize ProCONF?
Yes, ProCONF provides comprehensive training documentation to empower your technical team with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage, customize, and optimize the platform according to your business needs.
What kind of technical support is available if we encounter issues or need assistance with customization?
ProCONF offers comprehensive technical support with dedicated experts available to conduct training of your engineering team, provide guidance for customization and integration with your application, and address any issues or challenges with deployment. ProCONF also provides thorough documentation for the code. Further assistance with customization, integration of new features, or any other changes to the code is available as an additional service for a fee.
How frequently does ProCONF receive updates and new features?
ProCONF is continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of users and industry trends. We regularly release updates and introduce new features to enhance performance and security, ensuring that you always have access to the latest innovations and improvements.
Are there any additional costs associated with using ProCONF, such as licensing fees or maintenance charges?
ProCONF offers transparent pricing models tailored to your specific requirements, with no hidden costs or surprise fees. There is a one-time code license fee for each Edition that gives you access to complete source code for that Edition. Annual support charges are optional. If opted for, Annual support provides ongoing access to defect fixes, performance updates, and new features.
Is there a trial version of ProCONF available for testing before making a purchase?
Yes, ProCONF provides access to an online demo account, allowing you to explore the platform's features, performance, and suitability for your organization before making a commitment.

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