Consider setting up a Custom Conferencing Solution instead of switching to another third-party service! Benefits of a Custom Conferencing Solution
Consider setting up a Custom Conferencing Solution instead of switching to another third-party service! 
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Picture this: You recently launched a groundbreaking new product that includes online collaboration as an integral part. You decided to use a third-party media service to get off the ground quickly, and launched the product successfully. However, as you add more features and grow your product, you realize that some crucial functions are missing in the third-party service and that is constraining your progress. You wonder whether there are any easy ways to own a flexible media server technology that you can customise easily to address your changing business needs


The situation becomes compelling in the wake of Twilio's announcement to sunset its Programmable Video platform. Every business currently using their service needs to make a choice in any case. While transitioning to another third-party service might seem like a straightforward path, there are important reasons why businesses should consider the alternative approach of investing in their own custom media server solution. SpringCT has come up with a very low risk, low cost solution, ProCONF, to make this transition a really easy decision! 

Here are a few questions to answer before you decide transitioning to a custom media server. 
1. Does the third-party video conferencing solution meet your business requirements in terms of features, and customization options? 
2. Are there any specific challenges and limitations you face with your existing solution? 
3. Are you concerned about the growing cost of third-party service with your business's anticipated growth trajectory? 
4. Do the data security and compliance features of your current solution meet your business's data protection and regulatory requirements? 
5. Can a custom media server with source code under your control allow you to tailor features, workflows, and user experience to better align with your business processes and branding requirements?

 If the answers to any of these questions compel you to think about having your own media server technology, ProCONF makes your job easy in multiple ways. 


ProCONF is designed to bring the cost of integration down to zero if you are migrating from Twilio-Video. You can try out ProCONF without any significant change to your existing code of web and mobile apps and convince yourself that it works! 


Once you have decided to go ahead with ProCONF, SpringCT provides complete support for setting up the server infrastructure and training your in-house technology team to support and enhance media server capabilities in future. 


The total cost of ownership of ProCONF is significantly lower as the recurring cost you pay is only for the server hardware infrastructure. You get ownership of the code with a onetime non-exclusive code licensing fee for ProCONF. 


ProCONF offers exciting new AI enabled features such as transcript and meeting summary creation that make life easier for your user. 


Your business stands to benefit the most from adopting a custom media server if it prioritizes customization, control, cost management, security, or compliance over relying on a third-party service. You can unlock new opportunities for innovation, growth, and differentiation in an increasingly digital world. Leverage ProCONF and deliver engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience! 

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